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Like a kid at Christmas.

12-19-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro D.O.

In a galaxy not so far away the tree has been decorated.

Its the week before Christmas and Star Wars The Last Jedi is OUT!!!  The excitement is overwhelming.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

12-12-17 / Dr. Gregory Piro D. O.

We know Christmas is almost upon us because Santa's elves are getting ready to deliver cookies.

Oreo Mystery Flavor Revealed!

12-7-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

As we blogged about earlier this fall Oreo had a mystery flavor up for guessing. The winner would receive $50,000! The crazy flavor is Fruity Pebbles?!?! Our staff was right on. However, we are not the grand prize winners...bummer.


12-6-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

One of our favorite stories over the last few weeks was that Pope Francis was gifted a brand new Lamborghini Huracan. The sweet ride comes in white with papal yellow-gold detailing.

We wonder if he took a few hot laps around Rome before it will be auctioned off by Sotheby's for charity.

UberEATS in Detroit

11-30-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

UberEATS the food delivery service is now available in Detroit! Starting today, those of you working downtown can get food delivered from your favorite restaurants to your doorstep at lunch.  There is a promotion going on for the first two orders with free delivery! Just download the app, order and enjoy.

Christmas in the 'Ville 2017

11-28-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

In Livingston county we are blessed with multiple celebrations to bring in the Christmas season. Santa makes his first stop at the Brighton Festival of Lights, then has a big Fantasy of Lights Parade in Howell. His last stop might be the most spectacular. Christmas in the Ville finishes with a parade down Grand River which includes hot air balloon baskets that fire their burners into the air.



11-21-2017 / Gregory Piro, DO

There was a rare opportunity to see a painting by the elusive, anonymous British street artist Banksy.  "Haight Street Rat" originally painted in 2010 on a San Francisco bed and breakfast, was on display at a charity art show for the Windsor, Ontario United Way. 

Bansky is one of the most important and influential social commentators / street artists of our time. His works are difficult to see because they are soon painted over or cleaned from their original sights.

For more of Banksy's works click on this website...http://www.banksy.co.uk/

Happy Office-giving!

11-16-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Today in our office we give thanks with a feast from Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen! We are all stuffed...next step is to get our hands on some of these Stove Top Thanksgiving Pants!

Big Brother

11-14-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

When my mother first got cable TV, she was convinced that cable box was watching her and documenting her viewing habits.

That's ridiculous......NOT!

What we search for and even what we talk about in front of our cell phones now pop up in ads a few hours later.

The New York Times reports that the FDA has just approved the first "Digital Pill".  As the medicine begins to digest in your stomach it sends a message to a Band Aid type sensor on your abdomen that bluetooths your iphone that you have taken your pill.

Now big brother can make sure we are taking our medicine.


Hersheys Gold!
11-9-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

After 20 years, Hershey's has released a NEW candy bar!!! It is unlike any other Hershey's bar as it is completely chocolate free. The new bar will contain the flavors of peanut and pretzel and caramelized sweet cream. It is a beautiful thing with a buttery smooth texture. The bar is set to hit stores Dec. 1, 2017. Yumm.

Oh Canada!

11-7-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Metro Detroiters have always known, there are more than a few

good reasons to cross the border into Windsor, Canada. 

Affordable prescriptions, unique beer and Cuban cigars were at the top of that list.  Now there is a new product, MedReleaf Cream that might be worth the trip. It is a cannabis based cream that treats the pain and itch associated with inflammatory rashes

Not yet legal in the United States, it might need to be smuggled through the tunnel or over the bridge.

Halloween Office Pole

10-31-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Even though the chocolate and peanut butter can make your acne breakout, the delicious Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is the clear winner of our favorite Halloween candy. Kit Kat and Twix were tied for second. What is your favorite Halloween candy?


Cucumbers for Alzheimers and Psoriasis

10-26-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Researchers in Scotland have had a very interesting breakthrough for those of us worried about the potential of Alzheimers disease and those of us struggling with psoriasis. The cure for these ailments may sit in the skin of the cucumber! These researchers are combining the common tetanus shot with a viral particle which usually effects cucumbers. This virus is called the cucumber mosaic virus.  In these garden vegetables it will cause the skin to toughen and change color also leading to a bitter taste.  In laboratory experiments, the vaccine was shown to reverse symptoms of psoriasis in mice and was shown to raise antibody levels thought to be beneficial in Alzheimer’s disease.  The researchers at Dundee are now looking forward to clinical testing for the this incredible vaccine.

Life changing movie recommendations

10-24-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

"Let food be thy medicine" is the theme of two movies that are a must watch. Many of the health ailments that American's experience can be cured with diet. Forks Over Knives and What the Health are eye opening movies that show with the proper diet the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and some cancers is reduced to zero.

A healthy balanced diet has always been our first recommendation, but evidence over the last several years certainly suggests the reduction of dairy, red meat, and adopting a "plant strong diet".

Health sensitive tattoos

10-19-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Researchers at MIT and Harvard are in the process of developing a dermal sensitive ink for tattoos. This special ink has been processed to change color with changes in blood sugar, pH, etc. This could be revolutionary for those of us pricking our fingers daily for blood sugar checks. Keeping blood sugars in check could mean just a quick glance at the fashionable tattoo on our right arm.

Click here to watch how its done!

Creepy Crawly

10-17-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

An article in the Huffington Post has warned us of potential problems trying on Halloween costumes. LICE!!!


Funny Video

10-12-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, DO

We are always promoting a healthy diet to our patients and anybody else who will listen. Some of the most common feed back we get is the belly aching at home when people try to change their eating habits. Here is a funny video that sums up what we have been hearing.


Oreo Surprise!

10-10-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Start voting!!! The Mystery Oreos are out...released October 9th. You can vote daily until November 30th on the mystery flavor for a chance to win $50,000 or five $10,000 prizes. Early votes are in and many are saying it tastes like fruity pebbles.

The future of treatment for scleroderma

10-5-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Scleroderma is a relatively rare disease effecting our skin and organs elasticity. Until recently there has not been any progression in the treatment of this disease. Although varying levels of scleroderma from symptoms of reynauds to trouble swallowing to hardening of the fingers and face, there is a form that can cause sclerosis of the entire body system. Most treatment is really just keeping patients comfortable and mobile. Although not currently being offered in the US, the Bahamas have opened a trial for diffuse scleroderma at their Grand Bahama based medical facility, The Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine. Findings of the recent STAR trial showed very promising results regarding sclerosing of the hands and feet.   The trial was performed with a procedure using adipose derived regenerative cells (ADRC), and after 48 weeks of treatment patients saw significant improvement of hand and body function. This is great news for all of those feeling hopeless with this condition. Our hope is that this study's success will continue and find its way to the states.

Look in the mirror.

10-3-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Our earlobes can tell us a lot. Multiple studies have demonstrated that people that have a crease on their earlobes are at increased risk for cardiovascular heart disease and stroke. Decreased circulation to the earlobe may cause the crease and may be a sign that there is clogging of the arteries in the heart and brain.

If you see this crease, its time to start eating your veggies and get a hold of your primary care doctor for a check up.

Has Tom Brady lost his marbles?

9-28-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Celebrities make all sorts of crazy health claims these days, in fact Gwyneth Paltrow may even have a law suit on her hands with some of her recent product claims. Check out this new claim from Tom Brady. "These days, even if I get an adequate amount of sun, I won't get a sunburn, which I credit to the amount of water I drink" whaaaaaaaat? Drinking water = no sunburn?!? He's officially lost us. That has never been and never will be a sunburn prevention method promoted by the CDC or AAD. It is very important to stay hydrated when working in the sun or performing as an athlete, however, the only proven way to prevent sun damage/burn is with sunscreen or sun protective apparel and hats.

Germs in the gym

9-26-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

We have always known that the health club is a micro biologic jungle. Germs germs germs everywhere. Seattle Fox TV has an interesting story on the FitRated.com testing of three national health club chains.  The results are more startling than we expected. 


The secret of life is...WHISKY?!?

9-21-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

In a small town in England, a woman named Grace Jones just had her 111th birthday bash. The queen even sent her a birthday card this year! She claims to feel just as good as she did the day she turned 60, no aches or pains, just a new hearing aid. What is the secret to a long healthy and happy life might we ask? On her 109th birthday she answered "I don't drink, but I have a little drop of whisky every night." So there you have it, whisky is the secret of life.

Witches Night Out

9-19-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Ladies, ride your broom into Fowlerville on Saturday October 7, 2017 for the first annual Witches Night Out. We are excited to be a sponsor of this event bringing awareness to Malignant Melanoma.

They will have live music, dancing, shopping, food, drink, and a costume contest. For more information check out their facebook page.

LA 2028!

9-14-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

The Olympics are coming to the states! Los Angeles will be hosting the 2028 Olympics. This host city was confirmed yesterday which means we have just over 10 years to start saving our pennies or training our kiddos for their elite sporting events.

Be afraid...very afraid

9-12-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

The movie IT was #1 at the box office last weekend bringing in $126 million, featuring the menacing clown Pennywise.

Pennywise has nothing on these terrifing clowns we grew up with.

Can you name these nightmare inducing clowns????

People of the North & skin cancer

9-7-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Thanks to Game of Thrones, red heads have never been more popular. Red hair, freckles and light skin may work for the people of the north but researchers have found they may have an increased risk of a genetic mutation that puts them at higher risk for skin cancer. This may pose a problem if Sansa, Queen of the North conquers the Iron Throne and moves south to King's Landing. Thankfully, there is work being done on a topical cream that can darken fair skin, protecting them from skin cancer.

KDB Melanoma Walk/Run

9-5-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Better get out there and start training! The KDB Melanoma walk/run will be held this year in Kensington Metropark on October 8, 2017.  Click on the link to register or find out more information. You can run, walk or even become a sponsor at the event! All proceeds go towards melanoma research and awareness.


8-31-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

One of the original housewives, Tamra Judge, recently had a scare. An early melanoma was found on her left buttock and is currently being treated. Mole checks are so important at any age. This could be the only way to find hidden skin cancers like hers. Catching melanoma at an early stage is key. #saveyourass

Rosacea Triggers

8-29-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

We have always discussed the foods and beverages that can trigger rosacea. Alcohol, especially red wine and vodka have been top offenders. It was thought that white wine was not much of a problem. However, research earlier this year says that white wine can trigger rosacea too.


Do you smell what "The Rock" is cookin?

8-24-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was keeping the beaches safe in this springs Baywatch movie, but there is a new danger that maybe difficult  even for The Rock to fix. The NOAA reports that a chemical in sunscreen, and skin care products called BP-2 can be toxic to coral.

We still recommend wearing your sunscreen with SPF 30 or more because we are confident that The Rock will save us from this problem too!


8-22-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Yesterday our nation got a once in a lifetime chance to experience a total eclipse that spanned across the entire US. Here in Michigan, we were able to see the solar eclipse at about 80%. Since we weren't able to get our hands on a pair of glasses, we made eclipse boxes to safely watch the eclipse. Check us out! Good news is, if you missed the eclipse yesterday, we will have another chance to view a solar eclipse in totality in just a few years. On Monday, April 8, 2024, another solar eclipse will travel from Texas to Toledo in its path of totality!!! Right in our backyard...we are counting down the days.

Prevent and reverse heart disease / diabetes / cancer.

8-15-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Studies show that a whole food plant based diet can reduce your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and prostate cancer to almost zero. You can learn more from local vegan guru Dr. Joel Kahn who will be speaking at St. Joseph Ann Arbor Thursday September 28, 2017 at 5:30pm.


Vegemite for a healthy baby!

8-10-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Folate has been well know to help in the development of a baby in utero, but new studies are showing many miscarriages and birth defects could possibly be related to a deficiency in a molecule known as NAD. NAD is usually formed in the body from a healthy diet consisting of eggs, cheese, salmon, turkey, nuts, seeds, etc. BUT, it can also be supplemented with vitamin B3. Although not thoroughly tested in the pregnant human population yet, studies with pregnant mice have proven that birth defects and miscarriages can be overcome by taking vitamin B3 (niacin)! This vitamin is found in very large amounts in Vegemite, the Australian delicacy...maybe our pregnant mamas should have a nice slice of vegemite toast each morning?!?

May we suggest a birthday cupcake.

8-8-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

USA Today reports that blowing out birthday candles resulted in 1,400% more bacteria on the birthday cake.

David Beckham has the right idea here...

The office has spoken!

8-3-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Lays just introduced their new flavors of potato chips  for 2017. You can now try crispy taco, everything bagel and fried green tomatoes. After carefully testing them all, crispy taco was the stand out among the crowd.

Dirt is Good

8-1-207 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

One of the hot topics of medicine over the last few years has been our microbiome. The organisms that naturally live in us and on us. The New York Times has an interesting article and short quiz.  What types of information can experts tell about you from your microbiome?

Take the quiz here

Are you ready for some football? Watch the head!

7-27-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Concussion fear is high among the developed world after many studies and the recent movie "Concussion" with Will Smith. In newly released results nearly 88% of all donated brains studied had CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). CTE can only be diagnosed after death with brain dissection. Out of 111 donated NFL brains, 110 had CTE! This is quite the blow to the NFL. Further, 48 out of 53 college players, 9 out of 14 semipro players and 7 of 8 Canadian Football League players brains once tested were determined to have CTE. What will the answer be? What will become of the NFL and all of those currently playing football?

St. Joseph Medical Minute

7-25-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Thank you Kelly and Emily for setting up the St. Joseph Medical Minute on WHMI 93.5 FM. We recorded it last week and it should be airing soon.

Vitamin D for your sunburns!

7-20-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

It's that time of year, no matter how hard we try it seems that our pale little bodies start to fry in this hot summer sun! A new study in the works has shown that taking high doses of Vitamin D an hour after a sunburn is associated with significantly reduced skin redness, swelling and inflammation. Participants in this study took different doses of Vit D3 and were followed up with at 24, 48, 72 hours and one week following the initial burn. Those who consumed the highest doses of Vit D3 had sustained reduction in skin redness. We are not yet promoting vitamin supplements for this reason, but it is interesting!

Venomous brown recluse spider pops up in Michigan

7-18-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

It seems to be a banner year for nasty little critters in this part of Michigan. We have been seeing more tick problems this spring and summer than any year previous. This report from the Lansing State Journal suggest that the brown recluse spider can survive in an unheated garage during our milder winters. We do see brown recluse spider bites about once a year in our office.  Lets hope that we are not going to be seeing more bites this year.

Skin Cancer Screening

7-13-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Thank you Paula, Kelly, and Emily for organizing the health screening for Livingston County employees next to the historic courthouse.

St. Joseph Livingston Employee Health Screenings

7-11-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

We are looking forward to doing skin cancer screenings on Thursday July 13, 2017 from 11am-12pm at the Livingston County Court House Patio.

National Cheesecake Day is coming!

7-6-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

I love any national holiday that involves food, and a whole day devoted to cheesecake is set for July 30th!!! This could be the best one yet. In leu of awesome cheesecake, we have discovered that the Cheesecake Factory has developed a new flavor for this special day. They will be releasing "Celebration Cheesecake" which is like a funfetti cheesecake. We are in love. On the dates of July 30 and 31st you can get this or any flavor cheesecake for half price! Looks like we'll be making a field trip out to Twelve Oaks to indulge.

Elmo in Australia!

6-29-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Elmo is quite the advocate for the use of sun protection! While on a recent visit to Australia Elmo was spotted wearing his sunglasses and applying sunscreen. Don't forget to use your sunscreen on this long holiday weekend. Our favorite is Neutrogena or any broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30+.

PSSSST!    Dry Shampoo Drawbacks

6-27-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro

Dry shampoos are very popular because they can add texture and increase volume of your hair. They also can prolong expensive hair dye treatments. Dr. Zoe Draelos from Duke University reports that frequent use can exacerbate seborheic dermatitis from fungal over growth on the scalp. She advises that people with scalp issues should shampoo traditionally at least once a week.

Hossa out this season for an aggressive SKIN CONDITION!

6-22-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Dermatology isn't just acne and wrinkle treatment. There are devastating diseases associated with the largest organ of the human body. Most recently in the media, NHL Blackhawks star and past Redwing, Marian Hossa has had to take the entire 2017-2018 season off for a skin condition that has become harder and harder to treat. The exact diagnosis can only be speculated at this point, but some think it may be related to an awful bacterial or fungal infection, or some sort of allergic reaction to his gear.  Best of luck to him as he recovers and hopefully joins his team again in the near future.

Super Hero's Teach Sun Protection

6-20-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. Sun exposure during childhood can increase a person's lifetime risk of developing skin cancer. This new education program looks like a great way to teach sun protection at an early age.

Ray and the Sunbeatables

Ger your Meijer groceries from your couch!

6-15-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Shipt is a delivery service now being utilized by our local Meijer stores. About 55,000 items are available for order and delivery ranging from your groceries to small household goods. Service is starting on June 22 at our Howell and Brighton Meijer locations. Membership for Shipt is $99 a year or $14 a month. Delivery is free for orders over $35 or there is a $7 delivery fee if under that amount. What a wonderful concept...sit at home and watch Netflix while someone else does the grocery shopping for you!!! Check Shipt out at https://www.shipt.com/

Worst sun burn ever!

6-13-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Remembering the passing of Adam West this week.

Sunscreen was not invented in 1966 when this episode of Batman first aired on TV but the dangers of the sun were obvious. Catwoman put the Caped Crusaders under giant magnifying glasses. The dynamic duo always escapes but today they would have SPF sunscreen in their utility belts. Click on the link for the seven minute episode clip.

We will be back with this blog on Thursday,

Same Bat Time,

Same Bat Channel.

Rock the Block, Howell

6-8-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

Last night celebrated the kickoff of this year’s Rock the Block here in downtown Howell. The summer monthly event celebrates all that is local with the best music and food from our hometown. If you missed last night’s events, there are two more left on the first Wednesday of both July and August. Visit the website for more information on bands and location. http://www.rocktheblockhowell.org/

Food Truck Tuesday

6-6-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

It was a beautiful day in Howell so we snuck out for lunch at

Food Truck Tuesday in front of the historic courthouse.

Caffenine Boost

6-1-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

It seems obvious that the morning cup of coffee or occasional energy drink can give us the caffeine boost we require. A New York Times report puts numbers to that assumption. Taken an hour before an exercise caffeine can boost athletic performance by 2-3%. 

If you wish to use caffeine to better your physical performance, researchers say to start with small doses. One cup of coffee an hour before exercise may be enough to improve your workout.

To read the full article click here

Drone drug drop?

5-30-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Amazon has already changed the way America shops with it's low prices, great selection, customer reviews and overnight delivery. The next frontier might be prescription drugs. In November Amazon launched a test program for one hour delivery of non prescription drugs in the Seattle area.  CNBC reports that at Amazon's annual meetings, active discussions about entering the prescription drug business have been ongoing and a pharmacy benefits manager has been hired. It won't be long until the drone has dropped off your prescription before you get home from the doctor.

Q Line. Back to the future

5-25-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Street cars have been absent from Woodward since 1956. The Q Line is fun and free through June.

AvocadoToast Danger?!?!

5-23-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Avocado toast is all the rage, but maybe too dangerous to try at home. The Detroit Free Press reports this morning that ER visits are up for avocado slicing mishaps resulting in "avocado hand".  People are cutting and stabbing their hands while trying to cut  throught the skin and around the pit.


The take home lesson is be carefull slicing avocadoes at home or leave it to the pros like Avalon Bakery which serves an awesome smashed avocado toast sandwich.

Bourdain in the D!

5-16-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

We have a secret to share!! The incredible Anthony Bourdain has announced a secret project that he will be producing this year in Detroit. It will be a four part series focusing on our city's hard working and prosperous past, back in the years when Detroit was all about Motown and cars. The series will debut in 2018, we can't wait!!! Until then I guess we'll just have to watch Parts Unknown...

Lamborghini or Donkey?

5-16-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, P.O.

Kidney disease is becoming more common in the United States and most of us know somebody that is affected. The most recent episode of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight on HBO had a 25 minute segment on kidney dialysis. It focused on the dialysis chain DaVita.  When you have the time, its well worth watching.

Shocking, disturbing and funny.

Not everything you see is true!

5-10-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

The Bow Wow Challenge! Apparently Bow Wow has been caught fluffing up reality by posting fake instaphotos of his "private jet" and other luxuries. Not everything you see online is real!!! In fact...we took a fieldtrip to Cabo this morning! #its5oclocksomewhere JUST KIDDING. Don't believe everything the internet tells you!


Pillow Face

5-9-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

The proven best ways to keep your face looking young is to stay out of the sun, eat a healthy diet, don't smoke and use a well balanced moisturizer.

Recently, Fox 2 Deena Centofanti's Health Works suggested that a cotton pillow may add to wrinkles. The texture of the cotton grips the skin and can lead to pronounced pillow face.These lines may add to your wrinkles.

The suggested solution is to change your pillow case to silk or satin.

May the 4th be with YOU!

5-4-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

It’s our most favorite day of the year! Star Wars day!!! In lieu of this awesome day, let us bring you and yours a small bit of the force with this satirical article from the GomerBlog. The GomerBlog is a humorous blog for those in the health care field. If you ever need a good chuckle, check it out. This article shows a comparison of careers in health care with their Star Wars counter parts. There doesn’t seem to be a comparison for those in Dermatology, but I’d like to throw Mace Windu out there, just because we are that cool.

Charcoal Mask FAIL

5-2-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

A recent Facebook and beauty blogger trend has been the take home charcoal mask. Videos showing the mixture of charcoal and glue being peeled off the face can be humorous but shouldn't be tried at home. We haven't come across any facial mask that we recommend.

We recommend skin care at home with a gentle cleanser and a well balanced moisturizer like Cera Ve PM facial lotion. A good place to start for skin rejuvenation is with ROC Retinol deep wrinkle night cream.  Take your skin rejuvenation to the next level with in office peels.

Selfie Science

4-27-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Insurance companies are constantly collecting data on their clients. A recent report says that several life insurance companies are testing facial analytic technology to estimate life expectancy. Products like Chronos can scan selfie photos to gain information about you. The technology scans hundreds of points on your face to extract information to help determine body mass index, if you have ever smoked, and how old you look compared to your actual age. They claim it's all right there on your face.

Celebrity Crush

4-25-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

As if we all didn't love Penny from Big Bang Theory already! Kaley Cuoco is a huge advocate for a horrible childhood dermatologic disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa. It is a devastating skin disease of varying degrees in which the skin separates and sloughs off like a severe burn. We love that she has helped make such great strides for this disease, its treatment and research. If you follow her on instagram, you will see her hanging with these kiddos on the set of Big Bang Theory.

Man Bun Alert!!

4-20-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

The Dermatology News reports that the hip man bun hairstyle may be causing hair loss. They report that traction alopecia can be seen in men who wear a tight hair bun. While the man bun may be one of the latest trends, loosing hair on the frontal hairline is not hip.

Measles in Livingston County

4-18-2017 / Ashley Pickering PA-C

As we are sure you have heard by now there have been two documented cases of Measles in the state of Michigan recently, the most recent being here in Livingston County. Measles is a scary sickness, and one that has been close to eradicated for years. However, over the past few years we have again seen the rise of Measles and other illnesses that we once thought were on the way out. Why is this? We have immunizations that should be keeping us safe! Due to many myths and fears, children are not being consistently vaccinated as they once were. As this resurgence continues to grow, consider keeping you, your kids and your friends safe by vaccinating! The MMR vaccine can be given as young as 12 months old.  
For those of you who are Livingston County residents, keep an eye on your health over the next few weeks, especially if you were present at St. Joseph Mercy Brighton on April 3rd, or the Dragon Court Restaurant in Hamburg on April 5th.

Happy Easter

4-11-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro D.O.

Traditionally we look forward to church and dinner on Easter Sunday. This year Tamara has found something new to be excited about. She is taking egg dying to the next level with Spr!tz egg decorating kits she found at Target. Now you can have little Easter egg pirates and gnomes.

Howell Brew

4-6-2017 / Ashley Pickering PA-C

It's April, time to think about sunshine and beer! Our local Eternity Brewing has created a "unique-to-Howell" brew called "For the Love of Howell", an American Pale Ale. It will be on tap beginning in April at 2Fogs Pub, Cleary's Pub, ans Howell Main Street Winery. $1 from each sale will go to benefit Howell Main Street's non-profit organization, keeping our downtown vibrant and beautiful.

March madness winners!!

It's not time to brag, its time for pizza.

4-4-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O.

Mehgan and Dr. P are the winners of our office bracketology. Their unanimous choice for carry out lunch is Buddy's Pizza this Thursday.

Get your beauty sleep!

3-30-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

We've all told people time and time again that we need our beauty sleep, and for once our sayings are correct! Sleep deprivation will reek havoc on your skin. Most noticeable are the swollen, sunken eyes, dark circles, and pale dehydrated skin. Ultimately, sleep deprivation affects the composition and integrity of the skin. Collagen and elastin breakdown is accelerated by sleep loss, and these components are essential to skin integrity. This means that we are speeding up the aging process with every hour of sleep lost! There are many treatments available to reverse the aging process, even some here in this office like Microneedling. It's much easier said than done to fit in a full nights sleep. So if you're like many Americans and need an easy way to reverse some of those fine lines, come on in for a Microneedling or Super GTZ peel!

Drinkable Sunscreen???

3-29-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro D.O.

Science or shenanigans? Harmonized H2O claims that the frequency of their water will cancel the frequency of the suns ultraviolet rays. Sounds like shenanigans to us.

Looking good...HONEY?

3-23-2017 / Ashley Pickering, PA-C

If you are one of the thousands of Americans struggling with the redness of Rosacea you are not alone. Redness associated with Rosacea is on of the most difficult symptoms to improve. There are many prescriptions out on the market now ranging from prescription topical antibiotics, to the recent Rhofade mentioned in our last blog. But could there be an effective over the counter? There is a product known as Honevo made in New Zealand that claims to be quite effective in reducing the redness associated with Rosacea. The product is a cream made of 90% New Zealand kanuka honey and 10% glycerine, meant to be applied twice daily as a facial mask. Honey is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory product. The primary trials conducted in New Zealand showed very promising results with 34% seeing improvement after two weeks. They claim the study outcomes look at least as good as topical metronidazole or azelaic cream. As interesting as all of this is, we are not ready to promote this product as of yet. We are very excited about future options for Rosacea treatment and will be looking forward to confirmatory studies on this product. Who knew something as sweet as honey could have so many uses!?!

March Madness

3-21-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro D.O.

B-b-b-b-b-b basketball. With the sweet 16 coming up we are excited to see who will win our office bracket. Winner gets to pick our favorite carry out lunch!

Take the red out!

3-16-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro D.O.

Over the years we have had a few new medications that help reduce the redness of rosacea. Results have been mediocor at best. We are hopeful that a recent FDA approved medicine will give us better results. Rhofade cream has showed promising results in clinical testing. The active ingredient, oxymetazoline is the same medication used in nasal decongestants like Afrin and Zicam. Rhofade will be available in May.

Bronze and Beautiful

3-14-2017 / Ashley Pickering PA-C

More and more melanomas are popping up amongst our youth and young adults. Some of these scary statistics come from the pressure of trying to get that glow, like you’ve just spent three weeks with Kim Kardashian in Miami. As dermatologists, we are constantly trying to convince our youth that tanning is not the way. Many studies have now been performed and new regulations could soon be upon us regarding those tanning machines. The JAAD found that completely banning indoor tanning could save thousands of lives. Now, we are not just going to be able to ban these boxes from the get go, but as a start the FDA has proposed an age restriction on indoor tanning for those under 18. The CDC estimates that this restriction could prevent over 60,000 melanoma cases and over 6,500 melanoma deaths. Understanding that most of us still want that glow, we’ve come up with a list of some products to try to safely achieve that beachy bronze without all the bad stuff. Give these a try as we prep for summer!

1. Tan Towels

2. Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel

3. San Tropez Gradual Tan Mousse

4. Bliss A Tan for All Seasons

5. Fake Bake

6. Jergens Natural Glow

Michigan Dermatology Physician Assistants Revamped!

3-7-2017 / Ashley Pickering PA-C

As the Treasurer of the Michigan Dermatology Physician Assistants, I am so proud to announce that our new and improved website is up and running! Check us out at https://midermpa.com/

On our website you will find that our annual conference is April 29, 2017 at the Somerset Inn in Troy, and you can find updates on all of the latest news in the dermatology world.


3-2-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro D.O.

Buddy's Pizza!!!

There is only one way to celebrate Ashley's stellar performance on her Physician Assistant re-certification exam.  Scoring in the top 1% in Dermatology. We are so proud of her and happy she is re-certified for the next 10 years.

Paczki Day!!!

2-28-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro D.O.

It's a Detroit tradition to get Paczki on Fat Tuesday from the New Palace bakery in Hamtramck.  That tradition was improved upon in 2014 with the paczki bomb from Smalls Bar. In 2017 we may have taken a step backwards with the introduction of the paczki coney. This might be too much of a good thing.

Botox for the perfect selfie???

2-23-2017 /  Dr. Gregory Piro D.O.

Botox is great and we have been using it for the treatment of wrinkles since it was first introduced 25 years ago.

Should 18 year olds be using Botox for wrinkles???

To watch the full clip click here.

Sunscreen is Sexy

2-21-17 / Ashley Pickering PA-C

Check out this new video of Hugh Jackman. Even Wolverine has had six basal cell carcinomas. His most recent was on his nose. He has now been advocating for skin protection and dermatology visits for years. We should all follow his lead by wearing sunscreen and getting annual mole checks.

Basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas are the most common types of skin cancer. Although usually non deadly, many can be prevented with early protection. Most of the sun damage that causes these cancers comes from the UV rays we get as teens.

Livingston County Goes Red For Women

2-14-17 / Dr. Gregory Piro D.O.

Tamara and Casey are representatives from Dr. Piro's amazing staff that will be attending this years Livingston County Goes Red For Women event.  We are excited to see Lila Lazarus lead a discussion on women's heart health. The event starts at 11:30am Thursday Feburary 16th, at Crystal Gardens.

For more information click on this link

MSU developing a new drug to halt the spread of Melanoma

2-9-17 / Ashley Pickering PA-C
Melanoma has made the front page for The Detroit News. MSU has a new drug in the works that has the potential to stop the spread of Malignant Melanoma by 90%. The drug is still years away from production and human trials, but the research has shown promising results thus far. The original drug has proven to be a challenge as compounds were quite toxic. To our surprise MSU and U of M have teamed up for this common cause to make the drug less toxic and prepare the drug for future trials. Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer, and if not caught early can metastasize and spread through the body to places like the lungs and brain. Until recently there have not been many options for these rare cases of melanoma, and although far off from production this is very exciting research in the world of dermatology. What this means for you? Melanoma is more common than you might think. As we are dreaming of summer and tropical vacations here in Michigan, remember the importance of getting a full body mole check once a year. Once the sun returns, don’t forget to put on some broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30+.


Livingston County Skin Cancer Data

2-7-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro D.O.

In a report on 93.5 FM WHMI only 7% of Livingston County residents had screenings for skin cancer in 2014. This number is suprisingly low and needs to be increased. Most Livingston counting residents live very active lifestyles and they spend lots of time in the sun.

In our Brighton and Howell offices we diagnose and treat new skin cancers everyday. If caught early, skin cancer can be treated in the office and is completely curable.


Weekend Warrior Vs. Workout Queen

2-2-2017 / Ashley Pickering PA-C

My husband insists that he doesn't have time to work out during the week and has decided that playing a game or two of basketball on the weekend will keep him healthy. I disagree and encourage him to exercise 3-4 times a week, just like I force myself to do! Well it looks like I have been proven wrong once again, though I hate to admit it. JAMA has just revealed that those weekend warriors out there are just as healthy as us workout queens. In JAMAs study, the weekend warriors and vigorous exercisers both showed that any exercise is better than no exercise, reducing mortality risk by up to 30%. Ultimately this shows that getting up off the couch even just once or twice a week will help us live longer healthier lives.

Promising findings for the treatment of hair loss.

1-31-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro D.O.

Hair loss can be due to many different causes such as thyroid disease, medications, major surgeries, illness, stress and heredity. Everyday we are  helping patients that notice their hair thinning, shedding or falling out. After a correct diagnosis, there are many effective medical treatments that can help regrow hair.

There is a new arthritis medication, Xeljanz that is showing some promise in the treatment of a specific type of hair loss called alopecia areta. Xeljanz pills block the immune system attack on the hair follicles seen in this type of hair loss. Early observations show hair growth in patients that have lost some or all of their hair.

Though not approved for the treatment of alopecia areta at this time, we are optimistic that it may be another option in the future.

For all of those Atopic kids

1-26-2017  / Ashley Pickering PA-C

Have you seen the news? A new study has just come out regarding peanut allergies. There is a relationship between children with atopic dermatitis and food allergies. A previous study from 2015 called the LEAP study and a current 2016 follow up study called the LEAP-ON study have revealed ways to help avoid life changing peanut allergies in high risk children. Maybe exposing our young ones to peanut products isn’t so bad after all! Read more about this study and talk to your pediatrician about how you can help your child enjoy peanut products for years to come.

There is a new treatment for Atopic Dermatitis (eczema)

1-24-2017 / Dr. Gregory Piro D.O.

Atopic Dermatitis (eczema) is an inherited sensitivity of the skin that is a common cause of rashes that impact nearly 18 million children and adults. The food and drug administration has just approved the first new prescription for eczema in ten years, a non-steroid ointment called Eucrisa (crisaborole).

 Eucrisa blocks inflammation  that causes the itchy, red rash of eczema. It is approved for patients as young as two years old. We are looking forward to using this prescription as well as our other treatments for atopic dermititis.

We love our four seasons in Michigan including Winter. Here are some of our favorite cold weather skin care tips.

1-17-17 / Dr. Gregory Piro D.O.

During the winter months the cold dry air outside and heating our homes can dry our skin. In our office we are constantly asked about what the best cleansers and moisturizer are. There are countless options but to make things simple there are a few rules to follow.

Any facial wash or moisturizer should be oil - free. If there are any type of oils mentioned in the ingredients portion on the label it's best to avoid these products. Often times products will be called non-comedogenic. This means these products won't clog your pores.

One of our favorite options for a facial cleanser is Alta Gentle Formula Wash. We have it formulated for our patients as an effective mild face wash.

A great facial moisturizer option is Alta Moisturizing Complex. It is oil-free and non-comedogenic.

From the neck down there are two popular products we suggest to keep your skin from getting too dry. One of our longtime favorites has been Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented bar soap. It's made with moisturizing cream and is a great body soap, especially in the winter.

One of the great advances in the last decade was the addition of ceramides to body moisturizers. The best product we found is CeraVe Moisturizing cream. Applying a thin coat to your body, arms, and legs as soon as you dry off from the shower is very effective.

We think that you will find this information useful for avoiding dry itchy winter skin and keeping your skin looking its best.

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If there are other things that catch our interest like local events and happenings, we might cover that too.

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