2018 Auto Show

Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O. / 1-23-2018

We encourage everybody to get down town and check out this years auto show. With Detroit's resurgence there are dozens of super hip bars and restaurants close to Cobo Hall. It's usually the coldest blizzard filled week of the year, but we are having a heat wave with temperatures in the 30's and 40's.

2018 Flu Epidemic

Ashley Pickering, PA-C / 1-18-2018

As many of you have seen on the news recently, this years flu has been detrimental to our society. This year its not just the old and young who have to worry about the flu. Unlike years past this has been found to be an extremely quick acting heavy hitter. Fit spunky children and healthy middle aged adults have died within 48 hours of showing flu symptoms. The CDC has come up with some simple rules to help avoid the flu with their "Take 3" actions.

1-Take the time to get your flu vaccine (although it doesn't cover against all strains of the flu, it gives you a fighting chance)

2-Take everyday actions to help prevent the spread of germs (wash hands, cover your mouth when coughing/sneezing, stay home if sick,  avoid eye and mouth contact, disinfect surfaces, avoid those you know are sick)

3-Go to your doctor if you have flu symptoms and TAKE YOUR FLU ANTIVIRALS! (this could be the difference between life and death)

150 MPH

Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O. / 1-16-2018

An Associated Press report from London warns that stifling sneezes may be hazardous to your health. Sneezes come out of you at 150 miles per hour. Holding them back has caused collapsed lungs and ruptures in the back of the throat. We suggest to just let them rip.

Health Alert!

Ashley Pickering, PA-C / 1-11-2018

Scary new results out regarding men's testicular health/fertility and use of ibuprofen.  After just two weeks of ibuprofen use, men's testicular physiology was altered causing temporary infertility.  Although reversible after short term use, the concern lies among young athletes who have used ibuprofen for a significant long term period. No long term results are known at this time.  At this time we would surely recommend Tylenol over Motrin/ibuprofen for our young boys and athletes.


Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O. / 1-9-2018

Celebrating Veganuary 2018 with a plant strong diet consisting of several vegan days a week. Just received my first monthly UrthBox that was a Christmas gift from my staff.   It's full of delicious plant based treats like Vegan Bob's Brussel Sprout Puffs and Organic Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Popcorn.   It even came with a delicious Coconut Mojito Mix because most cocktails are vegan.

Gene Therapy Sticker Shock

Ashley Pickering, PA-C / 1-4-2018

As interesting as all of that gene therapy news was, an new article was just released that gave us all a bit of sticker shock! The blindness gene therapy mentioned in the earlier article costs a shocking $850k!!! Yikes. Hope this starts to go down as time goes on, insurance companies are going to have a field day with this.

Nike's NBA Fashion Faux Pas

Ashley Pickering, PA-C, 12-28-2017

Just this week Nike released the annual alternate jerseys for the NBA. Many have significant meanings behind them and look really interesting, but some are just straight up bad! Check them out on ESPN's website and form your own opinions. I'd say our local Motor City jersey is awesome! Way to go Pistons.

ESPN NBA Jerseys


Dr. Gregory Piro, D.O. 12-16-2017

In the dermatology office we are always suggesting brief showers with warm water and a mild soap. The New York Times has an interesting article on the benefits of showering in the morning, at night, or both.

New York Times article

Gene Therapy in 2018

Ashley Pickering, PA-C

For years now researchers have been trying to perfect the art of gene therapy, treating chronic ailments with a simple alteration of a gene. But ultimately it has not been that simple. There are still many questions to be answered and diagnoses to treat, but there are very promising results that have come from this research. In one new instance spinal muscular atrophy type 1, a genetic disease that paralyzes babies and usually causes death by the age of two has been targeted with incredible results. In this study the vector for this gene therapy is actually a virus. This in and of itself is groundbreaking! Allowing the therapy to cross the blood brain barrier after infusion through a vein rather than direct injection into the spinal cord. With this study, all 15 babies with SMA1 treated with this therapy have survived past 20 months and most are now sitting and even walking which should be considered a miracle with such a lethal disease. There is more to look forward to with gene therapy in the coming years, but read more about this case and more with this article from Science Magazine.

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